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Quality over Quantity

At 520 Indoor comfort we always chose quality over quantity. The name of the game is not to sell you on a new unit but to focus first on making our customer happy. There are too many companies out there that encourage their service techs to sell new units over repairing what the customer has. Our company is not based on these basis, we want to fix your system first as long as its cost effective for you. We understand sometimes things are out of the techs control, but if you are feeling pressured to buy a new system when yours is less than 10 years old, chances are you are being "Pressured". Air conditioning repair and replacement doesn't have to be difficult or painful, you the customer should be able to control the situation as long as you are dealing with a company that listens to your needs. Never feel pressured based on a pressured sale, there are no deals that are ending soon, most companies stack costs on and then take them off to sound like a good deal, but at 520 we're always gonna give you our best price.

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